"NETSECURE System" Phishing Email

It has come to our attention that a phising email claiming to "Introduce the new NETSECURE System" has been circulating on the internet. We are aware of this email and want to assure our valued customers that this email is not generated or endorsed by NetSecure Technologies Ltd.. We are not affiliated with HSBC Bank Egypt, nor any other branches of HSBC Bank. It is recommended that the email be marked as spam (Where available) and deleted immediately. Do not click any links or open any attachments in these emails.

We have referenced the email below as seen on Scamdex.com for your reference (Links removed for your safety).

Security Alert:

We at HSBC Bank Egypt have always endeavored to provide the best of banking services to our customers. Our latest initiative is NETSECURE, which is
a Two Factor Authentication system to provide added security to your
online banking transactions and this makes your fund transfers absolutely
safe and secure

NETSECURE is a secured system wherein two different parameters (one that
you already know, like your login ID and password and second, a single
usage password that you generate or receive) are used together to verify
your identity on the internet. Using two factors as opposed to one factor
(just the login ID and password) ensures heightened security for your
online transactions.

We have introduced three types of NETSECURE for your convenience.

Kindly follow the link below to activate your NETSECURE ACCESS

Click Here to activate your NETSECURE access

Thank You.

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Thank you for your understanding in this manner.

Kray Mitchell
Marketing Manager
NetSecure Technologies Ltd.