Touching On NetSecure

NetSecure Technologies was born out of a need, and desire, for consumers to protect their identities online. Incorporated in 2006, the company released it's first product, SmartSwipe, to the public the same year. Providing end-to-end encryption using the companies own Dynamic SSL technology, the device allowed people to make purchases online without the worry of somebody intercepting their personal information.

The company has evolved to provide mobile payment hardware and software to small and medium business' under the Kudos Payments moniker. For larger independent sales organizations, NetSecure offers custom white label solutions that are unique to the industry - ushering clients into a new era of mobile payment acceptance.

With multiple patents in their portfolio, NetSecure's proprietary solutions provide next-generation encryption and usability in ecommerce and smartphone transaction processing. Dedicated to protection, performance and progression throughout the payment industry marketplace, the company is poised to become a worldwide leader in mobile commerce encryption and processing.

Daniel McCann

President and CTO

Years after his initial "A HA!" moment, Daniel is now shepherding a mobile payment revolution throughout the payments ecosystem. His initial concept of online commerce blossomed into a company that's leading the marketplace in small business mobile and scalable white label solutions.

With over 20 years under his belt in information technology and encryption, Dan brings with him a BSc in Computer Science, multiple patents and an aptitude for innovation. Prior to forming NetSecure Technologies he served in various IT Management positions, demonstrating his leadership and business sense throughout his career.


"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

~Harold R. McAlindon